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R.S.V.P. Already!

August 10, 20233 min read

If you’ve been invited to a wedding, please, for all that is lovely and good, R.S.V.P. right away so the couple knows how to count you in their numbers!

They’re not just counting on your gift---it’s nice of you, but that’s not why they’re asking.

They’re asking because they are probably paying a caterer $17.00-$75.00 PER PERSON to feed the crowd! Then there’s the booze, the seats, the favors, the venue space—the list goes on!

Weddings are a wonderful celebration! But unless you’ve planned one recently, you have no idea the stress the couple is under to get it right and throw the perfect party!

You’ve received the invitation. With it is a QR code, a link to a website that they’ve painstakingly created, or a real-life-in-person-paper R.S.V.P. card for you to fill out and send in. I’d bet that there’s postage for you and everything.

They’re not trying to make your life difficult; they’re trying to make their choices easier, and if you don’t R.S.V.P., there’s a good chance you won’t be included in the festivities.

The trend these days is to have those who have ignored the R.S.V.P. portion of the invitation to bring their own chairs and sack lunch.

Yes, really.

You’ll be helping your friend/family/loved one out by just answering the questions and mailing it back.

Include your name, and the number of guests who will be in attendance. Please take note on the R.S.V.P. card if guests are an option. Is this a family affair? Is a "Plus One" listed?

If there’s a meal choice, check your preference. There! You’ve done it!

Yes. It was that easy. Now drop it in the mail! Pin it to your mail box and flip the flag up so the Postal Carrier knows to pick it up. Take it to work and put it in the outgoing mail there. Drive it to the Post Office. Do whatever it takes to get that puppy in the mail before the deadline.

I work with couples who are planning their wedding and trying to stick to a budget, stay within venue restrictions and just get through the day without losing their sanity. As someone who is in their circle, you’ve been asked whether or not you are going to join them in their celebration. It’s OK to be honest---yes or no, but please don’t leave them guessing.

You may truly believe that ‘of course the know’, but they do not. They can guess….but if they guess wrong, they’ll be disappointed. Either that they guessed you’ll be there and you’re not, or that they guessed you’re too busy to RSVP so you are too busy to attend….and they’re disappointed that they filled your spot and now are going to pay extra to their venue and caterer.

I am here to give you permission to R.S.V.P. to the invitation you so generously received. Yes or no. Simple. Put it in the mail, use the QR code or the link to their website (and check out their Registry while you’re there).

Please don’t text or tell a response unless you are directly asked to do so. Chances are the couple is working off of a spreadsheet and other people—invited guests not as gracious as you—have told them their response and the couple has forgotten because this is a stressful time for them. They’re trying to remember to order meals, clothing, flowers and everything else involved.

Please, for their sake. For their future sanity sake…..R.S.V.P. already!

Happy Planning!~Corri

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Corri Lewis

Corri has been planning weddings and events for over 3 decades and has authored 4 books (keep an eye open for book #5!) She loves everything about weddings--and, as her husband says, 'can squeeze a dollar out of every nickel'! She is a DIY'er at heart, and loves to create beauty on a budget!

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