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Independent Course

On a time crunch or just want to go at your own pace?

This is the spot for you. This 12 week program is designed to equip you to plan and execute your dream wedding!

Free Suite

Need some tools to get you started?

Download EVERYTHING you possibly can to get started planning your dream!


Packed full of tips and tricks, the Blog is full of articles we deem helpful to you as you plan your big day.

Some have even been written for you to share with know, to get them onboard with your plan!

Resources & Books

If you're having trouble writing the perfect Wedding Vows, hop on over to this page.

I've written a book that will help you write exactly what you feel about your fiancé.

Wedding Day Coordinator Training


Drawing from my decades of experience, this training will equip YOUR person to do the job of the Wedding Day Coordinator!

Group Coaching


Join a group of Brides who are planning their wedding too! In this 12 week group program, I will personally walk you through each step of the process.

Get to know me!

I am the wife of one, mother of three, bonus mom of two and Mimi to nine.

I began this dream over 30 years ago, working with couples who were on a tight budget and needed to DIY all or parts of their wedding.

 My role has been to coach each couple through the steps of making a plan, setting goals and working towards their Dream Wedding.

You see, 33 years ago, I was a DIY Bride myself with no clue how to plan a wedding. Truthfully, I couldn't plan my wardrobe for the following day, let alone my wedding! I was completely lost.

Had it not been for a tribe of my parents friends, my wedding would have been tragic and forgettable. Instead, it was a dream come true. Elegant, trendy and a lot of fun-just like I dreamt!

The summer after our wedding, I was designing a friends wedding gown. Her wedding was 6 months away, and I was working on her gown at a good pace.

Then, one day about 3 months in, she called me (it was a Thursday) and told me that they moved the wedding up to the following Sunday, and could I help her with everything!

It was through that experience that I realized that not everyone has a Tribe. I did my best, having just gone through it all, and she had a lovely, intimate affair (I hemmed her gown just before she walked down the aisle).

Four (yes, 4) days later, I delivered our first child. 

That experience made an impact on me and I vowed that if I could be involved, no bride would have to experience the stress and pain of planning her wedding.

So, 'A Dream Come True Wedding and Event Planning' (the former business name) was born. 

Realizing that 'Wedding Coach' is not something everyone thinks of (and honestly, I haven't found another), I decided to gather my notes and my methods and put them all online so that couples who have no idea how to plan a wedding would have structure, goals, a plan and success. 

So, here we are! The DIY Wedding Coach includes everything I have learned and created over the past 3 decades. I've created it with you-the DIY couple in mind.

YOU remain in control.

I am simply a guide, and accountability partner, a mediator. I help you steer the ship.

Need to work within a budget? This is for you. 

Need some help with planning? This is for you.

Need help organizing and knowing where to begin? Yep. This is for you. 

I hope you'll take a look around, read the blog and grab the freebies I've created to get you started in the right direction. 

What do past clients think?

My husband and I were married nearly 10 years ago and were in need of a wedding planner. Corri came HIGHLY recommended from a mutual friend, so we asked for her help with our big day. Working with Corri was a breeze. I felt heard and validated and encouraged and reassured about every detail. She's thoughtful and offers tips & suggestions, but I never felt like she was hijacking our special day to make it something we didn't want. Corri helped us stay on track during the planning (so many details and moving pieces in such a tight time-line) and day of, protected me from any glitches that happened throughout our wedding so I could just enjoy my day as the princess bride. She has years of practice and expertise yet stays humble and in tune with her client's most important values. I'd use Corri's help with ANY event. From the biggest, most important event to the smallest special day.


My daughter chose Corri Lewis to help plan her wedding. I wouldn't have had a clue, especially since my daughter is quite a different person than I and wanted something a lot more sophisticated than I would have chosen. I liked how Corri respected her wishes and together they fashioned a wedding quite unique for my daughter on our limited budget. Corri knew where to go and what to do. Like I said, I wouldn't have had a clue. It was so much better than re-inventing the wheel. There were problems that came up that Corri was able to handle like a magician. There were confidences that Corri kept secret without fanfare. There were family issues that came up that Corri gave advice on with a wisdom beyond her years. There was even an issue, a disappointment, that I confided with Corri about weeks later that she made me feel better about. I appreciate Corri's servant heart and willingness to serve to make my daughters wedding her dream-come-true. Without reservation I would recommend Corri to help other people plan their special events.


I will forever be grateful for Corri’s involvement in planning my wedding. She took my vision for the day and my very small budget, and walked me through each step and important detail of the planning process. She equipped me with a timeline and checked in with me consistently to keep my procrastinating self on task. Her guidance empowered me with the confidence, direction, and unique ideas that I needed. I especially appreciated her creative solutions for every setback or budget constraint, and her wisdom in knowing which details truly mattered. Thanks to Corri, my wedding day was everything that I hoped for – a joyous, beautiful, stress-free celebration with our loved ones. If anything went wrong on that day, I have no memory of it because Corri ensured that each person attended to their assigned tasks and that no problems came to the bride or groom’s attention. We still get comments (10 years later) from family members and friends about how much they enjoyed our wedding. Thank you, Corri!


“Oh yeah, Corri made our wedding so awesome!”

~Chris, Rachel's husband

Corri helped me with the coordination of my wedding from the beginning stages of planning all the way through day of coordination! We had a limited budget, and a lot of it had to go toward the venue and photographer. With Corri’s help, we made the rest of it stretch through local flower sourcing, crafted centerpieces and thrifts finds. Not to mention what a life saver she was on the day of the wedding! Things never go the way you plan, but I had no idea and enjoyed our special day while Corri seamlessly handled everything for us. I am forever grateful to her for making our wedding day perfect!


Corri worked with me to understand what my vision was, plus she worked with my (now) husband to understand his vision--then she put the two visions together to help us create our dream wedding.

Without her guidance, I wouldn't have known how to include my husband's vision of his Dream Wedding. She created within our relationship a partnership that lives on today! We use a lot of the tools and techniques she taught us through the wedding planning process to compromise and live a happier married life.


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